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Chemical abuse recovery program


In the local community there is a serious issue of teenage alcohol & substance abuse. Through
CARP, TTC will target youth in the beginning stages of substance abuse to head off the issue before they are bound to it for years and have a harder time breaking free from their addictions.
The program will be for youth ages 10 to 25 years old.
TTC will work with the local foster care system, schools and social service organizations in the community to find youth in need of this service. The program will be about 10 weeks in length, with regularly scheduled activities for alumni to keep them connected with resources and counselors to help them maintain freedom from their addictions. Building topics to be covered will include, but are not limited to: Teenage drinking, evils & struggles of alcoholism, consequences of substance Abuse (financial, relational, vocational, educational consequences), how to break the addiction, how to Live an addiction-free life. Relationship building will help participants build rapport with one another and be encouraged to open up and find mutual support for staying away from addictions. TTC will also have volunteer counselors and ministers on hand to talk with the youth and counsel them in an informal, non-stressful environment. A yearly TTC
rewards program will be held to celebrate CARP graduates. CARP will also include regularly scheduled off-site activities to encourage youth to find other more useful, yet enjoyable, uses for their time. These outings will be a reward for successfully completing CARP and staying drug and alcohol free. This will give them an incentive to complete CARP; the activities will also provide opportunities for them to make wise choices about how to spend their time.

  Minister Daphne Sims
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My Story
I am a recovering alcoholic I struggled with alcoholism for many years.  This December 12th will be my 8th year anniversary. I never thought in a million years I would be where I am today. Substance abuse almost ruined my life, but it is never too late to change. I was what you call a functioning abuser for many years. I had children in my early twenties, fathered by my high school sweet heart. He was a great provider but, he was abusive. I stayed in that abusive relationship for 11 years. I then married the love of my life in 1998 he also had a substance abuse problem. We were very much in love and were enablers to one another.  He passed away in 2003 of liver cancer. At this point my substance abuse took off. I was on a self- destruction path out of control. It was not a good ride. After a three day binge I had a car accident rear ending someone. This is when I received a DUI, Mt license were taken for a year. I had to attend classes for substance abuse court ordered.  This still did not stop me from drinking. I really had no place to live. I could have gone to my parent’s house, but I could not drink there so that was not an option for me. So I went to live with my cousin whom also was a substance abuser. That did not last long as people were always coming to her house to threaten her because she owed them money. During my stay there is when I was sexually assaulted. After that a friend helped me find an apartment. It was a nice two bedroom and of course my substance abuse continued. I was at the bottom of the barrel swirling out of control. I was barely hanging on to my job. This is when my higher power started to deal with me.  One day in December, 2005. I was tired of being sick and tired. I never took another drink after that day. I know it was a higher power that helped me along with AA a 12 step program. After this I was on a path to success.  I found a church home. I sat quietly in GPW my new church home for several years hearing God calling me, but not answering.  Last year I answered my call. I went to my pastor (Pastor Terry Allen founder of TTC and GPW) and this is when CARP was founded. I have two loving, successful daughter who love me very much. I am thankful my substance abuse did not ruin our relationship. I have a beautiful, soon to be 7 year old granddaughter. I love them all dearly. I put my parents through a lot as well and I am thankful they are still here to see me sober. I obtained my diploma in licensed practical nursing, I have an Associate degree in Theology and I am now obtaining my license as a certified Chemical Abuse Counselor. I have passion to give back. I want to help others who are walking in the shoes I once walked in. CARP will be an after -care program. This program will help people who want to maintain recovery to do so. In a loving setting filled with people who have compassion for others. Our youth are the future and there are so many of them headed down the wrong road. There are also many adults in the same category.  Everyone needs to know that there is help available from people who really care. After seeing and hearing the pain and hurt that others were feeling. I wanted them to know and learn the joy and peace I found after meeting and working with people who really cared. I was treated with respect and understanding. I decided that I wanted to see others get help as I was help. Therefore, through community outreach I can make the difference that is needed for people to find the hope and encouragement for them to move on with their lives for a better future.
**Facts-There are 75 Biblical verses that deals with alcoholism**

In order to build a bridge between the parents and their children in in the community, I would put on trips to Disney on Ice show, Circus, Concerts, Bowling, youth rap sessions on morals. One of my main goals is to put on a trip for the parents with their children to Walt Disney World. This trip would get people out of there environment, give them a change to see something other than their problems for a moment, bond with their children. The children will see their parent in a different way, make memories that would last for a lifetime, and put a smile on their faces.By using these positive activities through community outreach we will strengthen the community, build trust in our youth, encourage the parents, build role models, and keep our children from negative behaviors and activities. With your help partnering with us with a grant we could make a huge change in the people’s lives in the community.

Developing Outreach Arms

Making tomorrow's Leader and Father-Young Men's Group

The Young Lion’s Club is a group for young men ages 10 to 25. We plan to begin this program in the goal of this program is to teach young men how to be responsible, upstanding men. Many young men in the local community do not have healthy father figures to help them grow into manhood. Therefore, young lion’s club will provide role models and instruction on the following topics: Being a Leader, being a good father, the role of a man in the home and workplace, being responsible, sexuality of men, wise decision-making, how to conduct one’s self, how to build healthy relationships, how to present one’s self to The corporate world Young lion’s club will include open discussion over the topics mentioned above. Additionally, TTC will schedule regular relationship building activities to establish rapport with participants and mentors. These activities may include playing sports, video games or watching age

Developing Women of Purpos
-Young Women's Group

The premise of Women’s Worth is very similar to that of Young Lion’s Club and it will also begin in April 2014. This program is organized for young women age 10 to 25 in need of healthy female role models and a healthy perspective of who they are as women. Topics covered in this program will include: cooking lessons, dressing your best, healthy dating practices & relationships, presenting one’s self to the corporate world, women’s sexuality, how to respect one’s self, how to be respected by men. Women’s Worth will meet once a week on an on-going basis. These meetings will also have an open discussion format covering a different theme each meeting. TTC will also incorporate enjoyable, relationship building activities into this program. These activities will include live cooking lessons, fashion shows, movies and beauty nights. During TTC’s yearly rewards program, awards will be given to celebrate those who show outstanding growth in the Women’s Worth Group.

Learning to Earn-
 Career Program

TTC will also offer a trade skills program to teach construction-related skills to young men and women. It will be setup as a journeymen/apprenticeship program and will offer instruction on brick laying, plumbing and electrical wiring. Participants will spend 10 weeks learning each trade. Certified vocational trainers will teach this course, offering hands on, on-site experience. There will be 1 instructor per 4 young men. Through this program young men will gain skills that will help them earn a living and have supplemental income to support themselves and their families. This program will be offered free of charge.

Giving Kids a will Rounded Experience-
 Daycare Center/After Care

T.T.C. will offer a daycare/learning center and aftercare service with the aim of providing affordable care for single parents and families who need childcare when they are working or in school. Circle Learning Center will be operated so that at least 85% of parents can seek or maintain gainful employment. The center will be open Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm. and care for children ages 0 to 5.The aftercare programs will include: homework and study session and free play time, our aftercare program will be operated from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm. It will be made available to children ages 6 to 12 years.

Music Masters offers a weekly music classes in educating and train youth and young adults with voice lessons, dance lesson, and play skillfully instruments. Music Masters will teach discipline and respect letting youths release their emotions through the musical arts that gives a sense of achievement. Music Masters will also host musical programs so that each individual would get the opportunity to demonstrate their talents.

TTC-care will offer and assist anyone in need with food, clothing, school supplies and household financial support. TTC-cares  goals is to assist the community in helping to build neighborhood fellowship and community support by meeting the mental and physical needs of people. TTC-cares will host health and job fairs, and crime prevention education

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