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TTC is a faith-based community outreach program designed to transform and enrich the community through educational outreach services to youth and young adults. Our goal is to educate, counsel and empower these youth and improve the condition of the disadvantaged to help them be successful in society and you can help us to make this a reality.

Transforming the Community Inc 
would like to thank you for your continual financial contributions in Partnering with us

Transforming the Community Inc is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization 

Donors Privacy Policy:
No donor’s personal information will be exchange, trade, share or sold to telemarketing,  mass sale distribution or on the behalf of  any nonaffiliated organization or persons 
It is our serious desire that all personal information be kept confidential.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information:
My be use or disclose only for certain purposes that helps to identify  and understand the needs and preferences of the donor. Personal Information maybe used for  notification  to donors of programs and charitable events. All donors can request the right not to have  personal information to be use or disclose for any reason or purpose. 

Donors may contact or notify  use with  any privacy-related issue or grievance, all complaints will be investigated if any problem is discovered during the review, we will take all appropriate steps to revamp our policies and procedures.

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